Special investigations

KCG has significant experience in the delivery of special investigations, including fraud and whistleblowing allegations. Our service includes providing advice on how controls should be strengthened and enhanced to prevent further loss. We will always respond promptly to any request for investigation.


KCG provides proactive and reactive solutions to the most difficult ‘problems’ and highest fraud risk areas.We provide investigative resources and solutions to meet the legal standards required for criminal prosecutions, civil recovery or disciplinary sanctions in both UK and foreign jurisdictions. We have experience in many diverse areas including money laundering, whistle blowing referrals, and theft (monies, commercial information, intellectual property).

We can:

  • Assist in reducing losses to fraud.
  • Undertake fraud prevention and investigation work on an institution’s behalf.
  • Review and assess corporate integrity and security arrangements.
  • Provide local counter-fraud support.
  • Undertake investigative work to assist in fraud investigations.
  • Conduct computer forensic investigations using data analytics tools.

We also routinely advise institutions on implementing anti-fraud protection measures, and response plans.

Software solutions

Effective use of technology is increasingly important to an HE institution’s success. Students, staff and all other stakeholders expect smooth running systems and electronic processes. The benefits that embracing technology can offer are vast, from cost and labour savings to streamlined processes and increased efficiency. KCG has data interrogation capabilities, enabling us to offer intelligent solutions utilising proven and market-leading technologies. Combining our business and software experience, we understand some of the challenges that HE institution may face and can help to address these.