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Services offered

HE institutions (HEIs) are operating in an increasingly challenging environment and are under constant pressure to improve the quality of their services and improve cost efficiency to remain financially sustainable. KCG’s strategic support and consultancy services are focused around four key areas – finance, people, operational efficiency and the management of risk. We are ‘hands on’ and differentiate ourselves from our competitors by working alongside your existing teams and demonstrating at least equivalent experience and knowledge of the HE sector and specific sector issues. Many members of our team and associated partners have held senior positions in HE, in the public sector, or in industry.  With vast experience across the HE sector and other sectors, the solutions we provide are based on effective and rigorous methods of operation; we are used to dealing with complex and diverse challenges.

With services customised to your needs, KCG is committed to helping HEIs improve their performance through people, processes and technology.

HEIs are now facing the biggest financial and organisational challenges experienced in a generation. With financial budgets being reduced in HEIs as a result of significant reductions in HEFCE funding, and the tuition fee cap being raised to £9k per annum, HEIs are radically reconsidering the way in which they operate if they are to remain financially viable.

Such major changes will require extensive specialist resource input at a time when institutions are implementing recruitment freezes and staff are under more pressure than ever. It is also questionable whether many HEIs have the appropriate level of expertise amongst their own staff to meet the challenges ahead. Yet at the same time, there is much less scope to commission external consulting and support services. Budgets are under pressure and HEIs are under a great deal of scrutiny both internally and externally to reduce and minimise expenditure on external advice. This will present HEIs with increasing difficulty at a time when significant change will be needed in organisational structures, governance and management arrangements to meet the requirements of the new HE funding regime.

With our extensive network of contacts across the HE sector and in the private sector, KCG Strategic Support services can assist Member institutions to seek additional specialist support within the current Consortium framework with ease, drawing on a wide range of HE sector skills and expertise, and at reasonable cost or even on a resource sharing basis.

KCG Strategic Support services are completely distinct and separate from the delivery of internal audit services and other management assurance services to preserve the independence of the assurance function for the Member institutions. These services are delivered by HE sector practitioners and governors, past and present, for the HE sector through the KCG Consortium arrangement.

Benefits include:

  • A network of KCG associates and partners. Our Member institutions’ needs are matched to the available skills and expertise of our associates and partners.
  • Easy access to high quality HE sector practitioners and governors.
  • Commitment from our associates and partners to being reasonably priced to compete with other external sources of provision.
  • More personal service provided by skilled and experienced people who are known to the KCG Member institutions.

Areas of service provision include:

  • Audit Committee training and development
  • Benchmarking and analysis
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • Business process review and re-engineering
  • Change management and organisational development
  • Effectiveness review
  • Functional support (eg Finance, HR, Estates, IT – strategic and operational)
  • Interim management
  • Option appraisal
  • Organisational re-structure
  • Post-implementation review
  • Project management
  • Rapid organisational assessment
  • Staff training and development
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Strategic review and development