Our services

KCG provides high quality management assurance services for its Member institutions. We also provide these services to HE institutions that are not Members of the KCG Consortium on a commercial basis.

As Internal Auditors, it is important to have a deep and thorough understanding and appreciation of our Member institutions’ approach to governance, risk, value for money, internal control and data quality. The institution’s approach will affect every part of the institution’s activities including governing body operations, strategy and corporate culture. Our integrated methodology incorporates a view of corporate governance, institutional risk management, institutional value for money arrangements, and the provision of management assurance for internal control as demonstrated in the following model:


Board Operations

The governing body’s ability to manage its own activities


Defining, reviewing, and amending corporate strategy

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluating performance against defined goals

Corporate Culture

Managing standards of corporate behaviour


Responsibility towards stakeholders and accountability for their interests

Governance  The means by which Heads of Institution maintain sustainable organisations that are accountable to all stakeholders, capable of returning value to them.
Risk The corporate-wide application of risk management, supported by a framework that delivers aggregated risk information to protect, release and create value through informed risk taking across the whole institution.
Value for Money The means by which institutions can achieve and demonstrate economy, efficiency and effectiveness in all activities and functions and as a means to achieve and demonstrate institutional performance improvement.
Assurance Providing assurance to the governing body on the management of risk through daily institutional activity, oversight functions and Internal Audit.

Our Internal Audit approach ensures that our Member institutions receive robust assurance in the areas of internal control, governance, risk and value for money, in compliance with the Office for Students’ Terms and Conditions for Funding for higher education institutions, which makes a positive contribution to the achievement of the institutions’ strategic objectives. The type of questions that we would ask on a regular basis as Internal Auditors include:

  1. How does the institution benchmark against HE governance requirements?
  2. How does the governing body keep abreast of changing obligations and ensure effectiveness?
  3. Do the institution’s employees understand the basic principles of corporate governance, risk management, value for money, and control in discharging their own roles and responsibilities?
  4. How does the institution address the challenges of the management and assurance of data quality?


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