How is KCG organised and governed?

KCG is an in-house shared services Consortium in Higher Education (HE), formed on 1 August 2005 as an Unincorporated Association by the founding Member institutions.

KCG became a Cost Sharing Group (CSG) on 1 August 2013 under the UK Finance Act 2012 and in compliance with HMRC requirements. The ‘Cost Sharing Exemption’ detailed in the Act, allows CSGs to provide services amongst the Members fully exempt of VAT and within an arrangement that is fully acknowledged and supported by HMRC.

The KCG Consortium is jointly owned by each of the Member institutions within the requirements of the Consortium Agreement. All staff of the KCG Consortium are jointly employed by the Members of the Consortium in the provision of professional services between them. These services are delivered on a shared cost and not for profit basis.

The KCG Consortium has an established Board of Management (the KCG Board) with representation from all of the Member institutions, each of which has equal voting rights, and supported by two independent members. The KCG Board governs the strategic direction of the Consortium and also provides oversight of the Consortium’s business planning arrangements and of operational delivery, management processes and procedures, and financial management. The Consortium’s management arrangements are led by the KCG Managing Director who reports directly to the KCG Board, which is led by an elected Chair drawn from the Consortium membership.

KCG Board meetings are held at least three times per year.