About KCG

KCG is a leading provider of specialist risk assurance and internal audit services to the Higher Education sector in London and the South of England.

KCG is a cost sharing consortium that is jointly owned by its participating members. KCG offers an in-house internal audit experience to its members, enhanced by the experience of working with a range of different institutions.

KCG has built its reputation on delivering high quality services to institutions looking to benefit from accessing specialist internal audit people who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the Higher Education sector. The team understands sector issues and has the ability to draw in experiences from all institutions in the consortium, significantly enhancing the value that members receive from working with KCG.

Internal audit teams are embedded at institutions, meaning there is greater visibility and ability to respond quickly to address emerging issues and requirements.

KCG is different. We do not provide outsourced solutions, but instead offer an alternative business model of shared services arranged on an ‘in-house’ basis across a number of HE institutions.


KCG Consortium Overview